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List of my favourite Moroccan street food

Moroccan street food is a very diverse and exciting topic to talk about. I love the street food because it gives the real taste of Morocco. I know that tourists are often scared to try the street food for hygienic reasons, but common… Just find a clean place and if it’s full of locals, there is no reason not to try delicous Moroccan street food.

Forget the famous tagine, couscous and tangia; Morocco has so much more to discover. Instead, here is my preferred cheap Moroccan street food meals list, combining some weird tasting and looking options.

Dried meat Khlea (or khlii)

ometette khlea moroccan eggs breakfast food

I am addicted to omelette khlea –  fried egg meal with dried beef. Khlea is a Moroccan jerky made by cooking sun-dried meat in fat and oil. You can buy khlea in many Moroccan stores and prepare a delicious breakfast at home! My favourite breakfast khlea place – cafe Espace Fruits Outmane in Marrakech, Gueliz, on the corner where I live (omelette khlea cost around 16 DH (1,5 eur).

Juice cocktails! 

In Morocco, you must try fresh fruit juice. Starting from orange juices in the famous Jemaa el Fna square to all kinds of juice mixes. My favourite drink is the thick avocado juice with milk or orange juice, almonds and dates. One big glass is enough to make your stomach full for a few hours. My best juice cocktail place is “Pâtisserie Al Jawda” in Rue Kennaria street, next to the Jemaa el Fna square. Walk toward the famous Cafe de France, step into the Derb Dabachi street and after a few minutes’ walk, you will find “Pâtisserie Al Jawda”, where the fulfilling avocado juice costs around 15 DH. p.s. I always ask without sugar! They add it a lot!

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Cooked cow’s feet Karin

Kar3in, hargma, moroccan food, street food

Karin or Hargma (sometimes referred to as trotters in English) is a Moroccan dish that not every Moroccan like. My friends call it “the hangover food”, perfect to eat at night after many drinks. Karin It’s a cow’s, sometimes lamb’s, feet stewed in a sauce together with the chickpeas. It is a very fat and greasy dish found in many small local restaurants and is mainly served in the evening.

Tripes with beans – Tkalia

tripes morocco food street tkhalia beans tea

 Tkalia is made from lamb, goat and beef tripes mixed with Moroccan stewed white beans called loubia, a delicious meal without any meat. Tkalia costs around 10-15 DH, and you can buy it in some small local street restaurants. When I first tried Tkalia, I had no idea what I was eating. The smell was terrible, but some Moroccans liked it!

Cooked sheep head – Mechoui 

In Morocco, the sheep head is a popular dish associated with Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice. The following day of Eid is spent cooking the head of the sheep on the fire. In many places, Moroccans cook these heads right in the streets.

In the mechoui restaurants, in the centre of the floor, you can see a round hole where the chef slowly steams it for about five hours. Sometimes, the hole is hidden in other rooms; ask servants to show you.

 The most famous place for mechoui in Marrakech is the Mechoui Alley, located next to the  Jemaa el Fna square. Although there are 3 Mechoui restaurants, Chez Lamine Hadj Mustapha is the most famous. Cooked sheep heads are not a cheap pleasure, they cost around 17 euro per kilo. They are served with salt, cumin and bread.

Harira soup

morocc, soup, harira, egs

I love harira! This soup is simple, healthy, and cheap, and in the local restaurants, it costs around 4 DH. Harira is traditionally eaten during Ramadan to break the daily fast. In local eating places, you can order Harira in the evenings and in more popular tourist places – any time of the day.

Harira is a tomato, lentil, and chickpeas soup that often includes meat. I love eating harira with a Moroccan pastry called Chebakia and boiled eggs. Many local restaurants serve harira; if you are in Jemaa el Fna square, try the food stand nr. 5.

Msmen crepes

Msmen is a flaky, buttery Moroccan bread/crepe/pancake made with wheat flour, semolina, olive oil, and butter. In Morocco, you can buy freshly made Msmen only in the afternoons. My favourite Msmen is with spices and filled with cheese or honey. Cheap, around 3-4, DH! You will find special Msmen making stands in many streets.

Are you starving? G ab the Harira soup, Msmen with the Lavashkiri cheese and will have a fantastic, cheap dinner.

What’s your favourite Moroccan street food?

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