tameslouht graffitti morocco wall inchallah

Off the beaten path in Morocco. Graffiti in Tameslohte

For travellers coming to Morocco, I often advise leaving some space for surprises. This time, I listened to my advice. While driving on the planned trip to the Agafay desert, I saw a sign, “Tameslohte”. My memory recalled something about graffiti art in this village. After 15 min drive, we were there.

Tameslohte or “Tameslouht” village is situated around 40 kilometres from Marrakesh, on the edge of the Agafay desert. It is a perfect stop if you are going to one of the camps in the Agafay desert.

Tameslohte became known after the graffiti art festival The Street Arts Festival of Tameslohte (“Festival des arts de rue de Tameslohte “) which in 2019 celebrated its second edition. The graffiti art festival also actively involves the community of Tameslohte. Parallel to the main events, The Street Arts Festival of Tameslohte offered graffiti performances, concerts, and a series of Workshops (DJ, theatre, photo …).

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After driving in Tameslohte, it took some time to discover the graffiti. They are spread all over the village, so be patient and ask locals to give you directions.

My favourite graffiti was, of course, the Inshallah. I already explained the importance of this word in Moroccan culture in the post The Art of Inshallah in Morocco

Tameslohte graffiti morocco wall

After Tameslohte, we drove to the Agafay desert. Right before the turn to the turn to the Terre Des Etoiles camp, we found this mura beauty painted by Moroccan artist Abdo Mchimich.

tameslouht graffitti morocco wall street art

In Tameslohte, we didn’t have time to locate all the graffiti, so more you can discover on the Festival’s Instagram account or Facebook .

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