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What alcohol to buy in Morocco?

One of the most common questions I receive from travellers is about alcohol. “Can you buy alcohol in Morocco? Are there bars/clubs? Can women drink in the bars”?

Although alcohol is considered haram (prohibited or sinful) by Muslims, there are still plenty of Muslims who drink it. In Morocco, alcohol is available in many places like bars, restaurants, hotels and tourist resorts. Drinking in public is strictly forbidden, including outside terraces in the street.

People not only drink alcohol in Morocco but also produces their own. The capital of alcohol production is the city of Meknes. After French colonization, the French converted Meknes city into a wine region. Now, Morocco is the second-largest wine-producing country in the Arab world.

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In the article, There is (no) alcohol in Morocco? I already wrote about where to buy alcohol, types of Moroccan bars and Ramadan rules. This time, I want to introduce you to the primary alcohol types you can purchase in Moroccan stores.

In Morocco, imported alcohol is expensive, so I recommend buying locally produced drinks – beer and wine (e.g. a bottle of Corona beer costs around 2,5 euros, Absolut vodka around 30 euros). There are locally produced spirits like vodka, gin, whiskey, etc., but I doubt their quality. If you want to buy spirits, go for foreign production or bring your own from duty-free shops.


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FLAG SPECIAL (pilsner) – remains the best-selling beer in Morocco since 1973. In the shops, 24 cl. bottle of Flag Spéciale cost 12 MAD (around 1,1 euro). It’s also available in cans of 25cl, 33cl and 50cl. 

beer morocco speciale bottle
Flag Spéciale Gold

In the summer, you will find the yellow labelled Flag Spéciale Gold. Slightly more flavour than Flag Spéciale. I prefer this Gold type to the regular Flag Spéciale.

Flag Pils is the only Moroccan beer available in 33cl bottle and 33cl  cans and also in the big 50 cl cans. Cost and taste similar to Flag special. I prefer the Flag Special, though.

morocco beer alcohol stork bottle

Stork Premiere (Pale Lager, 4.7%) – least liked and the cheapest of the other Moroccan beers from the list.  Can be found in cheap local bars.

casablanca morocco beer alcohol

Casablanca beer (Pale Lager 5%) – created in 1996 for the export market only. Now, this beer is popular among locals as well.  Available in 25cl and 33cl bottles and in 33cl can.  Price is around 18 MAD (1,6 euros) per 33 cl bottle.

It’s worth paying a bit more for the Casablanca beer. The sweet taste and elegant bottle design make the beer my favourite. It’s also a great present home!


After French colonization, the French converted Meknes city into a wine region. Now, Morocco is the second-largest wine-producing country in the Arab world.  I don’t have much wine knowledge; therefore, I made a list of Morocco’s most famous wine brands.

My favourite is Moroccan grey wine. Yes, exactly, grey wine! It is neither white, red, nor rose and is only produced in Morocco. If you can’t decide what to buy, always go for the Domaine Sahari – all colours – cost around 80 MAD (7 euros).

In Morocco, there are a few local vineyards. However, finding their products in the local alcohol stores is hard. I was happy to discover that my favourite winery Domaine du Val d’Argan sells wine in Carrefour. Their wine is not cheap, around 10-20 euros/bottle, but worth the price if you are a real wine lover. Domaine du Val d’Argan has a restaurant and wine shop next to Essaouira; it’s a must-stop for wine lovers.

Cuvée du Cabernet President Rouge or CP is a popular cheap local wine (around 50 MAD). However, for me, it’s the least favourite wine to taste. Better, try Bonassia or La Cuvée du Terroir (La Ferme Rouge or Guerrouane wine.

If you can’t decide what to buy, always go for the Domaine Sahari – all colours –  cost around 80 MAD (7 euros).  In my opinion, it is the best value of Moroccan wine. Sahari is widely offered in many Moroccan restaurants and bars.

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  1. Thank you for your information on Morocco which is very useful however what i really want to know is, do they sell / where can you buy Alcohol Free Beer and what is it?

    1. I am happy you find my blog useful. Regarding Alcohol-Free beer, yes, you can find it in the stores. In Carrefour and other big supermarkets, they have Alcohol free beers only with flavours, I hate it. So go to the Champion or Victoria liquor stores, they have Estrella alcohol free beer – my favourite. The other small local alcohol stores never have alcohol free beer.