How to get from Marrakech airport to the city center

(updated 2023-11-10)

Built in 2008, the Marrakech Menara Airport is one of the largest and busiest in Morocco.  The Abdellah El Ghari Architects, in collaboration with French Architect, Claude Costantini, combined the contemporary architecture of the airport with traditional Moroccan styles.

Marrakech airport is located only 7 km from the main Jemaa el-Fnaa square.  By car, it takes around 20 minutes to get to the centre.


You can use a public shuttle bus, private airport transfer, or a taxi to get from the Marrakech airport to the centre (I call it the Medina/old town).


The airport bus line 19 operates from 6.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. It leaves from the stop located after the parking lot. A return ticket costs 30 MAD (around 3 euros), and you can only buy it on the bus, paying in dirhams.

How to get from Marrakech Airport by Bus 19 to City Center? Line 19 takes you directly to Jemaa el-Fnaa square and stops at the local Bab Doukkala bus station. Then continues toward Gueliz, stops at the train station, and returns to the airport. If your hotel is in Gueliz, I recommend taking a taxi, as the bus makes a big circle around the town.

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In 2023, Marrakech Menara airport adopted a new taxi system—no more hustle of bargaining with taxi drivers. If you want to take a taxi, you need to head to the taxi ordering counter (next to the exit of arrival) and prepay the fare by card or in cash; the price is fixed depending on your destination. Then, you will receive a receipt stating the taxi number.

That’s it – Head to the taxis upstairs, show the ticket and drive to your hotel. p.s. I heard that the system is not working perfectly; some drivers still try to charge more or bargain. But at least the first step towards a more transparent taxi system in the touristy Marrakech.

Small taxis circulate within city boundaries only and can take only 3 people. Big, Grand Taxis can seat up to 6 people.

Private transfers

If you booked an airport transfer, your driver would be waiting outside the airport right after you leave the main door. Only some drivers can remain inside the airport at the arrival gate.

marrakech menara airport


To save money, walk outside the airport to the roundabout and catch a taxi. If the meter is on, reaching Medina will cost you around 15-20 MAD. Or, stop a shared grand taxi which is already travelling to Medina. The cost will be 5 MAD per seat. Close to the same roundabout, you can also catch the No 11 city bus, which stops at Jemaa El Fna. The bus cost 4 MAD.

These local options are unsuitable if you have bigger luggage as you share the taxi with others or the local bus is often crowded.


I hope that this step-by-step guide on how to get from Marrakech airport to the city centre will help you to start your Moroccan adventure smoothly. Taxi drivers love ripping off tourists in many world airports, and the Marrakech ones are no exception.  

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  1. Great information thank you, I usually spend 3 months each winter in South Morocco and mainly Marrakech and Essaouira Beach Resort. please correct one error, The number 19 bus to Menara airport is as you stated ( Euro 3) or Dihram 30. but they do not charge Dihram 50 return to the best of my knowledge as I paid Dihram 30 which allows return for 14 days.,

    1. Hi James Id love to do this too. Any pointers on the best way to do this, Budget long term accomodation. Im active retired. Much appreciated.

  2. This is the most concise clear information I’ve found. Thank you so much. I will just pay at the airport counter to get to my riad