Minimalist Lifestyle – as a fashion, and as a condition

When I was 4 years old, I decided to declutter my mom’s closet. At least 15 pairs of shoes went to the garbage. This was my first serious attempt to become a minimalist.

A few years ago, I asked mom if she was angry about my strange behaviour. She admitted she was upset about her shoes. Later, she learned how to deal with her little minimalist. My mom was more often checking our garbage bin.  And, yes, I still do that, I know it isn’t very pleasant! Why do my parents need to keep out-of-date medicine for years? Why do they need to buy an extra closet for clothes they will never wear?

Lately, a minimalistic lifestyle has become trendy, and I feel much more comfortable on our planet Earth! However, minimalism is often misunderstood and explained as owning less will lead you to some spiritual awakening. E.g. Marie Kondo’s bestselling book about decluttering your closet.

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The first cleaning needs to be done in our heads, and then we can begin implementing all these decluttering ideas for our belongings.

People have their own reasons to be minimalists. My reason is an aesthetic lifestyle combined with obsessive-compulsive behaviour. I cannot explain why I was so crazy about decluttering as a kid. Recently, I became an extreme minimalist so that I could effortlessly travel with all my belongings.

I define minimalism as my lifestyle and as my condition. Minimalism makes my life beautiful but at the same time, uncomfortable. The best way to describe this is to introduce you to my wardrobe!


style minimalism girl grey clothes

To simplify my life, I buy the same brand and style of shoes – the black classic 3 eyelid dr. Martens are often mixed up with men’s shoes. They look great for any occasion! My current Martens is suffering from a serious hole, but I can’t find where to buy this brand in Morocco.  For the summer shoes, last month I found a  pair of Birkenstock! Always loved them and discovered them again. Bye, bye, cheap flip-flops!


I can’t stand having too many cosmetic bottles in my bathroom. It has to be exactly the amount I need for my daily routine. I remember my previous roommate liked buying shampoo even if her old one didn’t finish. She used to line them up in the shower, causing me a big minimalistic headache! So, of course, I slowly started to eliminate some bottles.

What cosmetic products do I prefer? Living in  Morocco,  I use natural beauty products such as rose water, ghassoul, (Moroccan clay for hair and body), and Argan oil. With ghassoul, you can wash your hair, and make body/face masks. Argan oil is perfect for hair, skin, and nails. My Morocco-based Ukrainian friend Laura is writing an amazing blog about the minimalist healthy lifestyle and natural beauty tips I got so much inspiration from Laura, especially how to use Moroccan beauty products.


Recently, my minimalism as a condition flourished so deep that I couldn’t even buy new clothes. I love going to the stores, but after buying something new, the next day I often return it back. Only the strongest clothes survived and found a place in my closet. E.g. the combo of black high-waisted jeans and a white shirt (have 5 pairs). It always looks so classy and you can add any flair.

I wear some clothes so frequently that my friends call them a uniform, like this yellow blouse that you will notice in many Blondie in Morocco Instagram pics.


My motto is “the best jewellery – no jewellery”. I have never worn rings or other accessories (not counting my teenager hippy period when I was in love with wooden necklaces). However, a few years ago I received a present from my best friend – a silver earring made by the Lithuanian artist Saulius Vaitiekūnas (gallery Terra Recognita). The screw is the last object you expect to see in somebodies ear and I love it! As well as the necklines made by the same author. At a first gaze it looks like a simple stone, but so special – also received it as a present from my colleagues at the art fair ArtVilnius.

Little Sins

Perfume – always the scent of lilac. For the last 5 years, I am using AERIN Lilac Path which captures the spirit of spring and makes it last. This scent reminds me of my childhood when I used to play in the backyard full of blooming lilac trees.  I get wild every time I smell flowering lilacs. Today, after googling the meaning of this flower, I found out that my favourite violet lilacs symbolize spirituality and magenta – love&passion. Not sure, what colours are inside the perfume, but I hope both!  


Only a simple Adidas backpack for travelling and a fancier bag/backpack made by Lithuanian designer brand Indigo Design.  Have had it for 3 years (getting a bit old) and planning to buy a new one, only a different colour.


I love owning little, but until I discover and find this little, I need to go through a thought process! It takes many fruitless visits to the stores, trying, returning, thinking, searching. Did I tell you that if I don’t like new shampoo, I still must finish it first. Otherwise my condition draws me crazy?

A minimalistic lifestyle enhanced many areas of my life: concentrating on one goal, less drama in my personal life, and being more in the present. A minimalistic lifestyle eliminated worries, and doubts. I became more conscious. Life became simple.

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  1. hellooo, firstly i love your content, thanks for sharing this with us, recently i ve discovered that im a minimalist and fortunately i ve known that cuz finally i made up my mind and decided which type of fashion should i work on it , im a fashion marketer 😉