Nabil Skily in bicycle conversation with Blondie in Morocco

I am passionate about bicycles and Morocco.  Marrakshi  Nabil Skily shares his passion for people and Morocco through his camera; he also loves cycling. After an unexpected meeting at one art opening, Nabil suggested having a conversation on bicycles for his YouTube channel.

Nabil creates Youtube episodes “This is Myrrakech” where he discovers the hotspots, and places to be in Marrakech and meets some of the fantastic people that make this city beautiful. As Nabil describes himself,  he is just about the best faux-guide you can find.

Nabil has been trusted to share his love of the country with Kenny Rogers, The Blues Brothers, Brain Damage. He has represented the Marrakesh cultural ecosystem during the World Economic Forum and is a part of the Global Shapers Community. Through this web TV, Nabil Skily shares his passion for people and Morocco through those little everyday things.

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We jumped on our bicycles on a hot summer day in Marrakech. It wasn’t easy to manoeuvre in the busy streets while talking, but we did it! We discussed my life in Morocco, my blog Blondie in Morocco and many other topics.

Don’t forget to follow Nabil on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for more upcoming “This is Myrrakech” episodes!

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