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11 Instagram Accounts to Follow Before Visiting Morocco

Often, before heading to a new country, we scroll through Instagram for inspiration. We want to discover places not listed in popular travel guides. Or to know the country from its insiders’ perspectives.

Do you want to taste Morocco before heading there? I selected 11 Instagram accounts about Morocco that I have followed for a while. These accounts are not only run by locals but also by foreigners living in Morocco. Or foreigners that spend time here. As well these accounts will introduce you not only to inspiring places to visit but also to Moroccan culture and history.


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A post shared by Amanda Mouttaki (@marocmama) on

MarocMama travel blog is the most popular travel&lifestyle&food blog about Morocco, run by an American, Amanda Mouttaki. Married to a Moroccan with 3 kids, she has lived in Marrakech for many years. What I love about Maroc Mama is Amanda’s honest and straightforward personality; she talks about daily life in Morocco sincerely and straightforwardly, without any embellishments.

Moroccan Travelers

Moroccan Travelers is an Instagram feature account with inspiring photos/videos and travel stories exclusively only from all around Morocco. The account is inspiring with the adventurous travellers’ photos, including hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities all over Morocco. Some places I haven’t been myself!

Moroccan Musthaves

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A post shared by Yusra Idrissi (@moroccanmusthaves) on

The Dutch-Moroccan Yusra Idrissi runs her blog  and Instagram account  @moroccanmusthaves with more than 100K followers.  She shows beautiful dreamy boutique places in Morocco in her feed and stories.

Morocco Vintage

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A post shared by MOROCCO VINTAGE ❤️✨🧿 🇲🇦 (@moroccovintage_) on

I love history, so I always check Morocco Vintage Instagram account updates.  They are posting archive pictures/videos from the past of Morocco; the descriptions are in French but easily understandable.

Azul Bereber

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A post shared by azul bereber (@azulbereber) on

Azul Bereber lives between Morocco and Spain and introduces travellers to Morocco. Her brown shades Instagram feed is full of Moroccan dreams.


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A post shared by Anass Errihani (@anass_errihani) on

Anass ERRIHANI is a Moroccan photographer, filmmaker, rock climber, and mountain guide. As Anass states, his love for the wildness leads me to specialize in adventure photography, which focuses on photographing the relationship between people and pure nature, especially regarding mountains. Follow his account if you plan a trekking or Toubkal climbing trip to Morocco.


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A post shared by Aarjane Med (@marrakechi_ways) on

Moroccan teacher Aarjane Med runs a popular Facebook page Marrakesh culture in English, where he introduces people to life in Marrakech. While living in Marrakech Medina, he captures the daily life of Moroccans and translates local traditions to his followers. Aarjane Med is the authentic Marrakech insider, knowing the most off-the-beaten-track streets and places.

My Moroccan food

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A post shared by nargisse benkabbou (@mymoroccanfood) on

Time for foodies! London-based Moroccan Nargisse Benkabbou has a real passion for food with her popular blog My Moroccan Food.  She also published her debut cookbook, “Casablanca: My Moroccan Food”. Her mission, she says, is to make Moroccan food “global”.  With almost 50K Instagram Followers, she is a great Moroccan food ambassador abroad.

Zainab Fasiki

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A post shared by Zainab Fasiki (@zainab_fasiki) on

If you are interested in women’s rights and graphic arts, follow Zainab Fasiki. She is a young Moroccan comics artist, mechanical engineer, an activist for women’s rights and “gender democracy activist” from Fez. She produces comic books through which she analyses problems related to women’s freedom in the Middle East and North Africa region. “Most Moroccans think that hiding bodies, restricting sexuality, and freedoms maintain the social order and give value… We must talk about our co-existence so that there is no more hshouma about these subjects: we are living a social and sexual crisis that we must resolve,” says Zainab Fasiki for her almost 70K Instagram followers.

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A post shared by Jarjeer Mule & Donkey Refuge (@jarjeermules) on

Located close to Marrakech, the Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge is a sanctuary for old, abandoned, sick, and mistreated donkeys. The sanctuary is run by a British couple, Susan Machin and Charles Hantom. They are also active on social media, including their Instagram account.  Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge is an inspiring example of how all of us can be a part of a better world by spreading the word about animal rights in Morocco and helping them financially.

Do you follow some other Instagram accounts about Morocco? Let me know in the comments section.

Moroccan Instagram accounts to follow

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