A Guide to Taghazout Morocco (not only for surfers)

The village of Taghazout Morocco near Agadir has long captivated the hearts of wave catchers from all over the world. And not just theirs but also of all those who want to experience the authentic spirit of the Moroccan coast. So, if you want to enjoy the pleasures of the beach, you should definitely add this village on the Atlantic coast to your list of attractions.

Taghazout, which is located 19 km from Agadir, has only recently become popular not only among surfers. When I first visited it in 2014, Taghazout’s fame had only just begun to grow. There were a few simple hotels, coastal restaurants, surfing rentals, and schools available in the fishing village of 5,000 inhabitants. Taghazout was best known among surfing fans, as they could find great waves year-round for enthusiasts of all levels.

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  • By Taxi

    If you are traveling by public transport, after getting to Agadir by bus, take a regular taxi and ask the driver to take you to a Grande taxi stop, which is located here. There you can either pay for a spot in the shared taxi (as far as I can remember, it costs about 15DH) or, alternatively, if you don’t want to wait until the taxi is full, you could pay for the whole taxi yourself and you will reach Taghazout in about 30 minutes.

    If you are coming from Essaouira, you will first have to get to Agadir and from there, take either a taxi or a local bus. Although the road from Essaouira to Agadir leads along the coast and passes Taghazout, the bus does not stop there as it uses the bypass road instead.

  • By Bus

    Taghazout can also be reached by taking Agadir’s local bus No. 32, which costs only 7DH. However, this way takes time, as you will need to get to the bus stop in Agadir and wait until the bus arrives. Grande taxi is always a better and more convenient option for me because the taxis fill up quickly. Meanwhile, traveling from Taghazout by bus 32 is really convenient, as the stop is located at the beginning of the village. Or you may take the larger shared taxis available there – travelers fill up these cars quite quickly as well.
    taghazout, bus, local bus, palm trees

  • By car

    The easiest way to come to Taghazout from anywhere is by car. Coming from Agadir, and after passing the Tamraght village, you can reach Taghazout either by driving on the old road (it is a bit slower due to the many new small roundabouts and limited traffic) or on the bypass (recommended if you are in a hurry).


Why has Taghazout become so popular in Morocco? One reason is that the nearby Agadir does not have hostels or more interesting boutique hotels that Taghazout has. Agadir rather it is dominated by large hotels with all-inclusive packages for travelers who prefer a lazy holiday.

taghazout morocco beach sign

Different kinds of travellers come to Taghazout. They are not interested in standard all-inclusive packages and love enjoying the romance of the place while not being afraid of challenges. These travellers like to watch fishermen pull their boats out of the sea at the end of a long day, and in the evening, they like to go to local restaurants, where everyone can enjoy fresh fish caught earlier that same day.

Daredevils have the opportunity to learn how to surf the waves, while others may choose to start their day with morning yoga classes. Or just enjoy experiencing life in an authentic Moroccan countryside.

Another big advantage of Taghazout is the proximity to the ocean. You can rent a room or apartment right on the shoreline. You won’t find this kind of affordable luxury in Agadir or Essaouira.

A few years ago, a bypass was built around Taghazout, allowing those traveling to Essaouira to bypass this village. Thus drastically reducing the amount of traffic passing through here. Several luxury hotel complexes have since been built (Fairmont Taghazout Bay, Hyatt Regency Taghazout, Sol House Taghazout Bay, etc.), and roads have been renovated. A 5 km pedestrian seaside road connecting Taghazout with the nearby village of Tamraght has been completed.

Taghazout has become home to more expensive boutique hotels and more modern restaurants offering alcoholic beverages. As in the past, you couldn’t find a single restaurant that would sell alcohol. However, today, alcoholic beverages can be found in a few restaurants, while the nearest liquor store is in nearby Agadir. Taghazout has become a popular destination in Morocco for local tourists, and consequently, hotels must now be booked in advance.

Of course, you may ask, hasn’t such modernization ruined the city’s authenticity? Not yet, and I would still choose Taghazout for my seaside vacation. I’ve spent many a relaxing month there. You can easily avoid other tourists by walking further to more secluded beaches. There are a number of other small villages around, so you will have things to do there.

I often choose not to stay in Taghazout itself but in Anchor Point, which is 1 km away. There, I have appreciated the most beautiful sunsets of my life while watching surfers dancing along the waves under skies of incredible beauty.

For the best sunsets, I often stay in Anchor point, which is 1km away from the Taghazout village:

taghazout morocco beach cactus girl ocean


In recent years, Taghazout has become home to a number of new hotels, hostels, and guest houses, and there are plenty of apartments for rent on Airbnb. As I mentioned, one of the many advantages of Taghazout is that you can rent an apartment/room right on the oceanfront or at least with a view of the ocean.

If you are traveling with a larger group, it is worth renting a separate apartment or even a villa. You can find many offers, as already mentioned, on Airbnb or on Booking.com. Be sure to check exactly where the place for rent is located in advance, as a lot of them state that they are in Taghazout, but they are in fact located in surrounding villages. The rental price for double private apartments is about 50-100 euros/night.

Taghazout has more than one hotel to choose from depending on your preferences and budget. If you want something simple but with a good atmosphere and an opportunity to meet other travelers, socialize, and/or take surfing or yoga classes, I always recommend Amayoursurf Hostel (30 euros/night for a double room), Hashpoint Surf Camp, and located a little further along on Taghazout Hill, Sun House Morocco, etc.

Of the more expensive (about 200 euros a night, depending on the season) but more boutique hotels I like because of their atmosphere, I would mention Amouage by Surf Maroc (very nice, with a bar and a restaurant). They also have a beautiful private villa in Tamraght. Dfrost Surf and Yoga near Amouage is another one of my favourites because of its unbelievable restaurant where you can also enjoy alcohol right on the ocean. They also own the nearby Seaside Hotel, which has a new seafood restaurant. In addition, I often visit the World of Waves (WOW) café, which owns a cozy boutique hotel. Munga Guesthouse is a little further along in the village, but it stands out for its design and artwork.

Since I’m not a lover of big modern hotels, if I must pay more, I prefer boutique accommodations. But for those who want more luxury and space, I recommend the 5-star Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay (around 100-200 euro/night), the Radisson Blu Resort Taghazout Bay Surf Village, or the Accor chain Fairmont Taghazout Bay. The nearby village of Imi Ouddar is home to the large 5-star Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Taghazout while still living in luxury.


1. Surfing

You don’t have to be a surfing professional to ride the waves. As I mentioned, Taghazout is the best place for this water sport, and many travelers come here without any prior surfing experience. It is full of surfing schools, coaches, regular courses for beginners, and all the necessary equipment that can be rented on-site. In many hotels and hostels (such as Surf Berbere, Minth Surf, Wow Surfhouse, etc.) you can book a weekly package that includes your accommodation, meals, surfing, and yoga classes.

Also, if you want to try kite surfing in Taghazout, I recommend Swellsurfmorocco owned by my Lithuanian friend and her husband.

2. Beaches

Taghazout’s beaches are full of vacationers, and I always encourage visitors to go a little further away from the crowds. Yes, the beach in Taghazout itself is always full of people, but you could always drive no further than 10-15 km away towards Essaouira to enjoy the beaches there instead (Madraba beach, 25km beach marked on Google maps, Aghroud, Laatrousse, and others).

3. Taghazout Bay Promenade

The beach promenade connecting Taghazout with Tamraght, 5 km away, has recently been completed. This well-maintained trail above the beach is great for evening walks and cycling. The trail ends on the beach of Tamraght village, right next to the famous Devil’s Rock. You can get there not only by this trail but also by walking on the beach. Next to the Devil’s Rock, you will find several seafood and tagine restaurants which also offer horse riding to young people.

4. Surrounding Villages

You will find many noteworthy villages around Taghazout. Coming from Agadir, you will first pass through the village of Aouir (otherwise known as Banana village), from there you will turn right to get to Paradise Valley and continue straight on to Tamraght – the village itself is located on a hill, further away from the beach. This is also where the nearest Taghazout bank and ATM are located.

Tamraght has also recently become another popular destination for people looking for a little R & R, with more modern hostels, surfing schools, and cafes. There is also the famous Devil’s Rock by the beach, as well as several seafood restaurants.

Driving further from Taghazout, along the stunning coastal road to Essaouira, you can also stop in Imsouane (1 hour from Taghazout). Imsouane is slowly gaining popularity. It is much smaller than Taghazout and is being discovered by surfers and other travelers not only for its good waves but also for its non-commercial atmosphere.

Devil rock at the Tamraght.
Devil rock at the Tamraght.

5. Sunsets

At the end of Taghazout, you make the effort to walk an additional km to the famous surfing Anchor Point Bay, home to several guest houses and Airbnb apartments. We’ve also stayed there with friends, and our favorite apartment has a stunning ocean view, away from the hustle and bustle of Taghazout . Just outside Anchor Point, there is an extremely scenic beach which is the perfect place to watch the surfers and enjoy the sunsets:

6. Seafood

Where else in Morocco would you eat seafood if not by the ocean? Every morning, fishermen in and around Taghazout sail in boats bringing the catch of the day. The fish are sold both on the beach and in other places both in the village and along the coast. My recommendation is to go to the village of Imi Ouaddar outside Taghazout, where it is best to buy some fresh fish to take home or eat at one of the cheap barbecues there.

7. SkatePark

The Skatepark located on Taghazout Hill is popular not only among extreme sports fans but also their friends because the view from there is simply wow. It is definitely worth going there to see the sunset. If you want to try the services of the park – you can rent all the necessary equipment on site.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

8. Bicycles, Scooters

Although Taghazout itself is very small, I highly recommend renting a bike there and riding around the area or along the pedestrian promenade.

9. Taboga Dunes

A piece of the Sahara by the ocean, that’s what I would call this place not well-known to all travelers. The Taboga Dunes, 45 km from Taghazout, can be reached by way of the beautiful coastal road towards Essaouira (15 km to Imsouane, GPS coordinates can be found here). The site is located in a 900-hectare protected area in the Souss Massa region, also known as the Tamri Biological and Ecological Site.

The Taboga Dunes is a spectacular place where the ocean meets rocks and massive dunes have piled high allowing fantastic panoramic views. After leaving the main road (you will see a sign pointing to this place), leave your car and walk around these amazing dunes. Enjoy the sunset, and maybe even try surfing on the sand that is popular in the Taboga Dunes. If you do not own a board or have a car yourself, contact me, and together with my reliable partners in Agadir, I will be happy to organize this experience for you.

You can also rent a car and drive independently to Taboga dunes and other places around Taghazout. I would recommend checking car rental options at the international rental company Discovercars.com website.

10. Yoga

Yoga is very popular in Taghazout (and surrounding villages), with many hotels offering surfing and yoga classes. Various yoga retreats are often organized here, and teachers come from abroad to lead them. Yoga classes, open to all vacationers, are offered by a number of hotels. Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa has a dreamlike ocean-view yoga room where yoga classes are held several times a day.

The Kalananda Yoga Studio in Tamraght offers a variety of yoga and massage services. Yoga classes are often held at the Amouage boutique hotel, Om Yoga Taghazout Bay, air yoga classes are provided at Tamraght Air Fitness, and other classes can be found as well.

11. Paradise Valley

The Paradise Valley is about 34 km away from Taghazout. If you don’t have a rental car, the simplest option is to hire a private taxi that will take you there and back. Paradise Valley is not a specific place but a whole journey through this infinitely beautiful valley. The pools on the Tamraght River are the most popular parts of the valley. There, travelers can jump from the cliffs and soak up the sun.

What else is there to do in Paradise Valley apart from swimming? Dine at one of the several restaurants or enjoy a free fish foot spa. Half a day will be enough for Paradise Valley, unless you want to stay at one of the overnight campsites there.

12. Workation – Freelancing

Since I’ve been a freelancer for many years (I work remotely), I’m always looking for new places to work from home, while avoiding boredom. Taghazout is a really great place for that – there are a number of coworking spaces, there’s good internet, and you can meet freelancers from all over the world.

You can work in any one of several cafes there (I like to work in Wow cafe), but if you go to Taghazout specifically for work, I highly recommend the dedicated co-working and co-living place Sun Desk. There you don’t have to take care of anything, you can live and work as much or as little as you want, enjoy the wonderful terrace and food, and work with like-minded people.

13. Restaurants

Taghazout has a few restaurants, from cheap local to expensive ones. As I already mentioned, seafood is the most popular food and you can order fish n almost every restaurant. For breakfast, I often drive to the nearby Tamraght village to the healthy and colourful Let’s Be cafe. If I need more international vibes and some work done, I head to WOW surfhouse restaurant; they have a beautiful terrace, comfortable working indoor space, and sell alcohol. Nex to it, you will find Windy bay with my favorite pizza calzone.

Now, if you want to have a really good dinner, go to Munga guest house and request a table on the terrace. Located at the beginning of Taghazout, Panorama restaurant offers affordable fish dishes and a good view, Dar Josephine garden makes you believe that you have left Morocco and landed in a lovely rural French restaurant. Want something local? At the beginning of Taghazout, close to the pharmacy, you will find Taghazout Tajine Palace, with many tagines and other local street food.

The Amouage boutique hotel is also open for dinners. I love their terrace with the infinite swimming pool view.

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  1. Hey! Lovely reading and pictures. I did see that you were accompanied by a little dog on the beach. Can I ask you if you know how it is to travel with your dog in Morocco and Taghazout? I’m planning on going for a month in February and was thinking if it is a safe and ok environment for him. Thanks and keep up the great work <3

    1. Hi Miranda, in general, in Morocco, people don’t like dogs and prefer cats (also because of religion). So you might find issues finding accommodation with our dog. Taghazout in friendly for dogs; there are many on the beach. If the dog is small, no problems, but for bigger, I would suggest leaving it at home.

  2. Hi ! I am planning to go to Taghazout at the beginning of April but I have learned that it will be during Ramadan. Are the restaurants open and is there any atmosphere in the evening?
    Thank you !

  3. Hi Miranda! My family is staying in Taghazout for the month of September 2023. We are staying in Taghazout Center. I’ve read many articles regarding the cleanliness of the water in this area. The articles state that it is not safe to swim in the waters in Taghazout Beach and Panorama Beach due to waterborne illnesses. I’ve also read that it is not safe to eat the meats and to stick to a vegetarian diet when eating out. Can you confirm or deny this information? I see photos of many people swimming in these areas and I just want to try to avoid any sickness for my family if possible!

    Thank You-

  4. What an excellent blog! (Though ‘blog’ rather sells it short.) My partner and I are due to arrive in Tamraght next week – we can’t wait! My partner is coeliac, so no gluten or oats, do you think she’ll have trouble in restaurants? Or would you recommend anywhere to visit?

    Many thanks, Gareth

  5. thanks for your valued blog, have passed taghazout several times while in Agadir hotel have at all times fancied a visit due to colourful hippy image you get on first sight.Definatley visiting this time during Ramadan with my wife and good friend, hopefully sun beds would be available with some fishing.Your blog has encouraged me thanks.