Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Marrakech

New Year’s Eve of 2020 is coming soon! Are you coming to Morocco, Marrakech, to celebrate it? Every year, I receive many questions about where to celebrate New Year’s Eve. So, to save you time googling, I made a shortlist of the best places to celebrate New year‘s Eve in Marrakech. 

New Year’s Eve 2020 party in Marrakech can be expensive, so I listed places for each budget. There are many places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Marrakech; I selected the best ones to visit. Remember that reservation is required for all New Year’s Eve events.

There are so many parties in Marrakech for New Year 2020. However, remember that in the city’s public places or the main Jemaa el Fna square, you will not see fireworks or celebrations in the street.

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Morocco is a Muslim country, so Christmas and New Year is not part of the calendar.  Morocco, like other Muslim countries, is celebrating the Islamic New Year.  The next New Years of 1442 AH Muslims will celebrate on 20 August 2020.

Budget: 200-300 euros/person

Kabana Rooftop

kabana marrakech rooftop

Menu: 1920DH/Person (190€)
Including entrance + NYE Dinner by Chef Luisma Naranjo & Chef Youssef. 1/2 Bottles of S de Siroua/Person and a glass of Champagne
Dress: Glamour 20’S

My new fav place in Medina, Kabana, is a trendy rooftop food & cocktails restaurant. Only a few minutes from the famous Jemaa el-Fna square, Kabana has an exclusive view of the Atlas mountains and the Koutoubia mosque. For New Year’s night,  Kabana is taking you back to the golden age for its Roaring Twenties New Year’s Eve, which promises to dazzle and delight. With good food and dancing until 2 am.


Epicurien marrakech

New Year’s Eve options: 1350 DH/person in the heated terrace;
1750 DH/person for a table in the restaurant with a view of the Live Band. Admission includes dinner (menu is here), a live concert, dancers, musicians
Lounge area with a view in front of the Live Band at 1950 Dh per person plus a bottle of your choice (among our selection) at 2000 Dh for every 3 persons.

If you are in the mood not only for dinner but also for dance and live music, then dress nicely and head to Épicurien. Épicurien is a blend of chic and glamour; a restaurant and a modern ultra lounge. A live band will start after midnight and before you will have plenty of other entertainment.

Comptoir Darna

New Year's Eve Marrakech 2024
Comptoir Darna restaurant in Marrakech. Photo by Comptoir Darna

New Year’s menu: 2 400 DHS/person excluding drinks
Doors open at 8 pm.

If you want a more upscale dinner with traditional Moroccan music and dance on the New Years’ EVE program, head to the Comptoir Darna, which consists of a restaurant, nightclub and patio. For New Year’s Eve, they will have a fusion between East and West: traditional musicians, oriental dancers, DJs and other artists.


New Year’s menu:1500 DH/person for dinner with a live DJ

If you want to feel a bit of Australian taste on New Year’s Eve, head to the minimalistic restaurant, Plus 61, located in Gueliz.

Lebanese Azar

azar marrakech restaurant candles candle belly dancer

New Year’s dinner menu: 1900 Dh excluding drinks

Azar is a stylish Lebanese and Moroccan restaurant with live music, belly dancers show a terrace, lounge and shisha bar. The perfect place to discover the oriental way in Marrakech. For New Year’s Eve, they will have a live music dance and belly dance shows.

SO Lounge

so lounge marrakech

New Year’s dinner menu: 3000 Dh/person includes a glass of Champagne and a half bottle of wine
With clubbing – 5000 DH/person

So Lounge is situated in the heart of the Sofitel gardens. It’s a fancy experience with a great New Year’s night show.

Budget: around 100 euros/person


New Year’s celebration: from 8 pm to 3 am.
For two people the price is 1500 MAD (150 euros), including:
welcome cocktail, 1 bottle of Champagne, A degustation menu for 2

L’envers is a hip spot in Marrakech to meet friends, listen to good electronic music, and dance. In L’envers, you will meet modern Moroccans that love electronic music. Although L’envers is a tiny-tiny bar but somehow can squeeze many people even for dances, make sure you have the New Years’ night reservation and don’t come too late. They will be hosting the great Mr ID & the one and only Jarni will offer a food degustation menu.

Entrepotes Marrakech


New Year’s menu: 990 Dh/person excluding drinks

Entrepotes is a lounge, bar and tapas restaurant with good vibes, setting, and music. My favourite part of Entrepotes is the inside garden. If you book in advance, ask to have a place there. They offer an evening with Dj Juanjo Muro (Ibiza Madrid) for New Year’s Eve. If you want a nice dinner for an affordable price (compared to other places), cosy setting, mingle with locals, head to Enrepotes and for dances continue to some nightclub. They are often full, so make sure you book in advance. 

Bazz’art Lounge

bazz artlounge marrakech

New Year’s menu: 990 Dh/person excluding drinks

Bazz’art Lounge is a small restaurant inside the Novotel hotel. The name of Bazz’art Lounge is derived from two or three words: Bazaar, Art, and Jazz. So you can imagine that the atmosphere of the place will be with artsy, jazzy taste; their garden setting is lovely.

Le Bistrot la Boucherie

New Year’s menu: 850 DH/person excluding drinks

If you want to be close to Medina, head for New Year’s Eve to Le Bistrot la Boucherie. Sometimes I visit this place for karaoke nights and affordable prices. It’s a restaurant with a cosy terrace; their dinner menu costs 850 DH, including dinner, Dj, and music.


RAK Electronic in Agafay desert NYE 2020

RAK NYE 2020 Package (Accommodation + NYE Diner + Breakfast / Brunch + 18 HRS Non-Stop Party):
Price from 120 euros/person for the package or 70 euros/Person without accommodation and catering.
A shuttle from Marrakech costs 250 Dhs / 25€. (round trip)

RAK Electronik #danceeverywhere proposes to finish 2019 together and start 2020 in the Agafay Desert, located 45 min drive from Marrakech. The Desert camp is privatised with a splendid 360° panorama.

African Party Terre des étoiles in Agafay desert

Rates: 1500 Dh. per person
Includes:  welcome cocktail – tasting of 2 glasses of Moroccan wine
4-course menu with flavours of Morocco – Champagne around the fire at midnight
Musical entertainment and African dance during the evening

Located in the Agafay Desert, Terre des Etoiles is a luxury eco-lodge altogether redefining the Desert Nights experience. The five hectares of moon-like land have been patiently and sustainably transformed. In Terre des Etoiles you’ll find camels, horses, a restaurant and two swimming pools. For New Year’s Eve, Terre des Etoiles will take you on a trip to the desert of Agafay: around a campfire, to the sound of percussion band Pti Baobab from West Africa.

The Source 

New Year’s menu: 950 Dh/person excluding drinks

The Source is located on Ourika road, a guesthouse and events venue nestled in a 2 hectares oasis of lush greenery. Sometimes, I go there for Sunday brunch and visit The Source for great parties in summer. For New Year’s Eve, The Source offers dinner at the restaurant by the fireplace from 8.30 pm and after the “NewERA” party in the Spa from 11 pm grooved live by wild, galactic, futuristic Xander Pratt.

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  1. Thanks for this list! My boyfriend and I are over NYE in Marrakech. We will roadtrip through Morocco And look for a place special, decadent, authentic (not a club as it could be anywhere in the world), fun, original and glamorous but still not stiff/square/old tourists. Well most importantly with vibe and something going on. For fancy dinner and drinks – with club chance there after, or we change location that’s also an option. (Moroccan and/or electronic live music and some orient flair would be fun. (If not only for tourists and ‘fake’ atmosphere) I was hooked by comptoirs beauty and glamour and reserved but ask myself now if maybe a little square? Less hedonist and more families? We’re adventurous and def not into Ibiza party style. Now undecided between comptoir and Azar because 20ies party at Azar sounds fun! Also L’envers sounds fun but less Moroccan to us – maybe something I could also do here in Berlin.. sorry for the long text, but I thought then you might be able to hive us a recommendation;)
    Thank you so much! All the best, Mag

    1. H Magdelena, Azar or Comptoir is a good option if you want something more fancy, oriental, with the show, belly dancers, musicians. However, for the authentic and not a touristic experience I would choose maybe Agafay desert or parties in Dar Soukkar or The source, but they didn’t announce yet their New Year’s Eve parties. L’envers is not so Moroccan but very local and less touristy. If you can’t decide yet, maybe wait for a week till more places will announce their events.

  2. Hi thanks for your answer. we will go to the desert after and also stay in a camp so we thought we would stay in marrakech over NYE. But maybe it would be cooler to go over NYE..? Now I am not sure anymore. Is this very ravey the party?