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As an art historian focusing on the contemporary art market, I am very interested in the Moroccan contemporary art scene. In recent years, the contemporary art scene flourished internationally, with more and more high-profile art galleries and museums opening and local artists being recognised worldwide.

In the post, I selected my favourite modern and contemporary art galleries, museums and institutions based in Marrakech.


Comptoir des Mines Galerie is a contemporary art centre in Marrakech, Morocco. It aspires to work alongside the best artists on the continent, helping them carry out their projects and giving them the greatest possible visibility.

Comptoir des Mines is also an innovative art gallery whose short-term ambition is to partake in the largest international events. The building was erected in 1932 by the Comptoir des Mines Company, which was known for selling construction equipment and explosives for mining research. With its Art Deco architecture, the building extends over two adjoining double-storey buildings.

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The building of “Comptoir des Mines” gallery is one of the most beautiful examples of “Art Deco” styles in Marrakech.


The photography Galerie  127 is located on Mohamed V Avenue opposite the Carre Eden Mall. Gallery’s home is on the second floor of a boring Art Deco-style residential/office building.  The gallery showcases works of international and Moroccan photographers, with a combination of both vintage and new photographs covering various subjects and themes. 

Gallery 127, founded in 2006 by Nathalie Locatelli; it’s the only gallery in the Maghreb exclusively dedicated to contemporary photography. Galerie 127 was also the first in Africa to focus entirely on contemporary photography. Since its opening, the gallery has organised more than 70 exhibitions in Morocco and internationally. Both Moroccan and international artists are represented. 

Let’s move to another part of Gueliz, behind the Carre Eden Mall.  Right next to the mall,  in a small street full of boutiques, is located one of my favourite conceptual art spaces – the David Bloch Gallery. I love this gallery because of its minimalist and open light-filled space and the organised exhibitions. 

 The gallery was opened in 2010 by the Frenchman David Bloch, who developed a unique interest in Conceptual and Op art and other forms of new artistic expression.   Artists have included Alëxone Dizac, Arne Quinze, Augustine Kofie and Carlos Mare, to mention a few. David Bloch is also interested in the Post-Graffiti scene and often organises graffiti art exhibitions and projects. 

PROJECT SPACE LE 18, derb el ferrane

LE 18, derb el ferrane is a multidisciplinary art space based in Marrakech, Riad Laarous neighbourhood. The easiest way to find it is by asking the taxi driver to bring you to the college Mohammed V. From there, it’s only a few minute’s walk. 

LE 18 emerged as an artist-run initiative founded by the visual artist Laila Hida. Her long-term intention is to understand and respond to how global tourism shapes local landscapes and their perceptions. 

LE 18’s programs offer a space where artists, curators and researchers can experiment, learn and share knowledge and experiences through exhibitions, talks, gatherings and residencies to build social and creative networks that benefit local communities. More info: 

Industriniame Marakešo Sidi Ghanem rajone yra įsikūrusi ne viena meno galerija, iš kurių verčiausia dėmesio – MMC Gallery. Ši šiuolaikinio meno galerija specilizuojasi fotografijos mene, taip pat eksponuoja grafiką ir instaliacijas.

The Temli family created this history gallery in Tangier in the twenties, which in 2007 moved to Avenue Mohamed VI in Marrakech on the initiative of Boubker and Hadia Temli, father and daughter. The ‘Tindouf’ signature is to mix artworks – from antiquity to contemporary art, to put works by different artists, with different inspirations, alongside one another, all curated under the shrewd, generous and extremely efficient eye of Boubker Temli. Hadia Temli a few years ago in Marrakech as well opened her own gallery Sinya 28.

Galerie SINIYA28 was established in 2016 to support young, emerging Moroccan and international artists. Their vision was to democratize art and make it accessible to young collectors and amateurs.

Gallery believes that art is an important means of communication. They work with artists that express themselves in all mediums, whether it’s ceramics, textiles, design, drawings, photography, collage, painting and mixed media.

MACAAL  Museum of African Contemporary Art

The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) in Marrakech is an independent, non-profit contemporary art museum. 

One of the first of its kind on the continent, MACAAL is dedicated to the promotion of African art through its diverse exhibition and education programmes, cultivating the interest of a wide audience base. The museum nurtures an understanding of African contemporary art through collecting and exhibiting established and emerging artists, highlighting the creative energy and cultural diversity found across the continent.

MACMA museum

The private Museum of Art and Culture MACMA opened its doors at the beginning of 2016. It is a modern art space that exhibits various selected art, from Orientalist painters to vintage cinema posters.  MACMA was founded by an art collector Nabil El Mallouki.  The building is located in a hidden corner of Gueliz. 

The museum is open to different kinds of arts, not only to traditional, oriental and modern paintings. The architect Amine Tounsi did a great job reshaping and maximizing the space of MACMA.  The tall ancient Moroccan doors at the entrance emphasize the unity of ancient and modern cultures.

MACMA is a real gem for art lovers. The museum’s collection’s diversity, combined with the passionate team, welcomes everyone to discover Morocco and Moroccan culture at the deepest levels. You can learn more about the museum you will find in my article Private museum in Marrakech fuses traditions with oriental and modern art.

Fondation Montresso (Résidence d’artistes Jardin Rouge)

Created by the Montresso★ Art Foundation, the artistic residency Jardin Rouge has supported and accompanied the research of international artists for nearly ten years. Eight studios allow welcoming nearly thirty artists per cultural season in a preserved environment conducive to experimentation and dialogue.

Focused on the theme of territories, Jardin Rouge is a creative laboratory in which artists benefit from research time but also help with visibility. The artist residency Jardin Rouge is a meeting place between art and its amateurs. Presentations of projects are regularly organized within the “Salle des casques“. The artists exchange, discuss with the public, answer interviews with journalists, and decipher their works with art critics. The works produced by the artists during these residencies are offered for purchase to collectors of the Montresso★ Art Foundation, an international circle of collectors. The funds raised in this way added to the Foundation’s endowments are used to finance the programmes and projects of Jardin Rouge.

L’BLASSA Art Space

L’BLASSA Art Space welcomes artists, galleries, curators, and art enthusiasts worldwide to showcase their work and experience the thriving art scene in Marrakech. Their last exhibitions included artists such as François Beaurin, Yvanovitch Mbaya, or Nicolas Denino. They also run the same name coworking space that is located next to the gallery.

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