Not a Cappuccino in Morocco, the Nous Nous coffee please!

coffee morocan nous nous

Do you know what is the difference between the first-timer and the regular traveller in Morocco? The latter one will rarely order cappuccino, espresso or latte.

In the Moroccan cafés, locals order two kinds of coffee, either Coffee Noir or Nous Nous.

Café Noir is a small cup of espresso Nous Nous is made from half milk, half espresso. You will not find Nous Nous name in the menu, as it is an Arabic way to say “half-half”. So, if you ask for it, Moroccans know they can serve you as a local, not as a tourist. Of course, many Moroccan cafés have a cappuccino or latte in their list. Then, you would get the same Nous Nous, only served in a fancy cup. What I love ordering coffee in Morocco, is drinking it from a small glass, not a cup. Somehow, the taste is different.

Want neither espresso, neither milky coffee? Ask for a Caffè Americanoan espresso with added hot water. Similar as in the Mediterranean countries, where a cup of coffee always means espresso. 

Watch my video that I made with my Blondie friend Cindy! We went to a great vintage cafe place/store in Medina of Marrakech and asked our friend Mohamed to show the process of making the Nous Nous cafe. You can find Mohamed’s vintage shop in the Medina, address 54 rue sidi Elyamani mouassine, Marrakech, Instagram @mohammmedboukhris

In Morocco, the takeaway coffee culture doesn’t exist. Moroccans love chatting. They rather will be late for an appointment than asking coffee to take away. They can spend long hours in café smoking cigarettes, reading magazines,  watching TV, making business deals and drinking coffee/tea. Even when Starbucks openeded in Marrakech, I rarely see people walking with their plastic coffee cups.

Before leaving you with a  glass of coffee Nous Nous, a few words about water. In many local places, you will get a glass of tap water, in others, a small bottle of water is already included in the price. And don’t forget a small tip even for one drink.




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    August 11, 2017

    Morocco is on top of my list! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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      August 11, 2017

      You are welcome Sarah! Morocco is an amazing place to travel – cheap, safe and full of exotic discoveries.

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    March 10, 2018

    Thanks for this article, I’m doing a tour of Morocco soon (Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech) and I also love coffee. I have a question—do you know of any cafes in Morocco that would have “alternative milk” (for instance, soy milk) as an option? It doesn’t sound very common there.

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      Rasa Barčaitė

      March 11, 2018

      Good question, Lily! It is expensive, the soya milk… Maybe Sturbucks makes coffee with alternative milk…

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    May 13, 2018

    Hi Rasa, I just stumbled across your blog. I’ll be visiting Morocco in a few months and I LOVE coffee! However, is it common for women to frequent cafes or is it strictly a male domain? I don’t want to be too obvious or out of place.


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