My 145 pages e-travel magazine about Marrakech

Official guidebooks about Marrakech forces you to go where everyone else is. Instead, let me be your Marrakech digital insider! My name is Rasa; I am a travel curator living in Marrakech since 2015. 

In my 145-page magazine, I mixed hi-so and down-home options to understand Marrakech dynamics. You will also find some historical facts, maps, a guide to public transport, shopping, alcohol selection etc.

Why did I create this magazine?

In 2015, I quit my life in Europe and settled in Marrakech. Soon, I noticed so little information about Marrakech from an insider’s perspective. Contrary to the Western world, even simple everyday things operate differently in Morocco. I lacked simple and essential information. E.g. where to buy alcohol, glossaries, and cigarettes? How to use public transport or taxis? Or how do you navigate in the twisty streets of Medina? For this reason, I put together my first English travel magazine dedicated to Marrakech.

Want to read my magazine?

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What is in the magazine?

In the magazine, I added everything I knew about Marrakech. Only listed restaurants, bars and cafes that I have been myself. You will also find a list of the most attention-worthy museums, galleries, gardens, and other secret spots. Of course, you can find some places on the tourist guides. These popular spots are worth your time as well. My goal is to show the diversity of Marrakech. I want to give you a glimpse of how locals live in Marrakech. Where are the best local breakfast and dinner places, or how do you commute like a local?

You will get:


– how to choose a hotel/riad in Marrakech
– all about Marrakech Menara airport
– general history of Morocco and Marrakech
– public transport (local city busses)
– taxis in Marrakech
– a guide to cycling in Marrakech
– food stores (where to do groceries, buy cigarettes)
– alcohol in Morocco: where to buy, what kind of alcohol?


– short history
– neighbourhoods/areas of Medina
– museums and monuments in Medina (my 10 favourites)
– all about Koutoubia mosque
– all about Jemaa El Fna square
– Jemaa El Fna food stalls, where and what to eat
– Souks (street markets): map &what parts are the best
– My fav place for treasure hunting with fixed prices
– The giant flea market of Marrakech
– Restaurants and cafes in Medina: my fav places, including local street restaurants, the ones that sell alcohol etc


– history of Gueliz
– Gueliz places to visit:
– parks, gardens
– contemporary art galleries (9 fav places)
– restaurants/cafes/bars in Gueliz 

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