Yes, there is snow in Morocco! And I saw it!

snow morocco mountains forest Oukaïmeden

“There is real snow in Morocco?” I asked my friends when moved to Marrakech. I saw the snowy peaks of the High Atlas mountains. Yet, never thought there is actual snow, snowmen or even a skiing resort. Now I can confirm that there is snow in Morocco and you can find it not far from Marrakech.

In Morocco, there are two ski resorts located in the Atlas Mountains. One is near Marrakech – Oukaïmeden, and the other is near Ifrane. Both of them experience regular snowfall each January and February.

Oukaïmeden has located about 50 km from Marrakech and the skiing area is at an altitude of between 2,800 metres. You can reach it by taking the road to Ourika Valley.

Unfortunately, my first visit to Oukaïmeden by car was unsuccessful. We went there on 16 of January, after a huge snowfall and there were many Moroccans doing the same. The road was crowded and we ended up in a huge line because of some road issues to the Oukaïmeden skiing resort.

As the line was too long, we turned back to Marrakech, on the way stopping to experience snow. I am from Lithuania, we have snow every winter, so it is nothing special for me. However, I went to Oukaïmeden with my Thai friends that saw the saw first time ever! It was so funny to watch them fighting with snow and taking millions of selfies.

snow morocco mountains forest Oukaïmeden

The same with other Moroccans we met on the way – they were stopping on the road and taking pictures of snow. Even my Moroccan friends from other towns, they have never seen snow. I mean, it is not far, but still, I guess for them is something unbelievable and  takes a lot of courage.


Check my video about the trip:

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    February 10, 2018

    Thats what i really love about Morocco, its a country in which you can have breakfast at the snowy high atlas mountains, lunch by the ocean and sleep on the same day under the stars at the sahara desert. thanks for sharing your snowy experience.

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      Rasa Barčaitė

      February 10, 2018

      You are welcome Qoalid!


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