Travel Consulting and Itinerary Planning

Planning your own vacation can take endless hours, especially for Morocco that has to offer so much. Who has that kind of time?  Who wants to go on a vacation but doesn’t even have time to think about when they will go?  Let’s be honest: planning a vacation is exhausting! Let me free you of that stress.  

On the Internet, there is so much information about Morocco, but many articles are written from other travellers perspective. Therefore, many myths and subjective opinions. Travellers so often create unreasonable itineraries, overpay hotels and tours and in the end get frustrated spending so much time on the road instead of having authentic experiences (Morocco is big!). 

Let me be your Moroccan adventure curator! I live here for almost 5 years and know the secret corners of this exotic country.  As Morocco insider, I want to introduce you to authentic Morocco. 

With experience in backpacking, solo travel, couples travel, luxury travel and travelling in a group and with family,  in Morocco, I have travelled in just about every way imaginable.
I can plan your itinerary from the scratch or tidy things up in your current travel plan. 

How does it work?

  • First, choose if you need only the travel consulting or the individual itinerary planning service
  • Then, fill out the questionary
  • We will be in touch by emails or Skype/Whatsapp calls
  • We will be working until you are 100 % satisfied

The Itinerary Planning

Receive an itinerary built from scratch just for you!


First, we will fill out the questionary below. During a complimentary planning session either by the phone or by email, we will discuss in-depth your travel expectations and vision for your vacation.

Then, I will get back to you with more question and itinerary ideas to make the first-draft proposal. We can either communicate by emails, or we can arrange a Whatsapp/Skype call.

We will be working on your travel draft until you are 100% satisfied. Finally, you will receive your itinerary in a printable PDF with all the details, as well as other insider tips and info that you won’t find on this blog or anywhere else. I will also book your dinners/lunches at restaurants all over Morocco, arrange drivers, picks up etc., 

I will also be available during your trip, will solve all the problems or additional questions, will do last-minute itinerary updates. 

Your crafted itinerary will include detailed recommendations concerning:

  1. ‣ an ideal itinerary

  2. ‣ where to stay in Morocco

  3. ‣ transportation options (private drivers, public transport, taxis)

  4. ‣ what places, museums, monuments and experiences are not-to-be-missed in Morocco

  5. ‣ how long to plan for each place/experience

  6. ‣ what places make sense to combine in terms of logistics and scope

  7. ‣ what events are not-to-be-missed while in Morocco

Travel consulting



If you already have your itinerary planned but need to tidy it up and have questions about Morocco, then choose the travel consultation option.

Why do you need travel consultation if you already have drafted an itinerary? Often travellers want to milk their trip scheduling too many cities (Morocco is big, you don’t want to spend half of your vacation driving).   At the end of their Moroccan trip, you’re likely to feel exhausted from long drives. As well, don’t forget that Morocco has completly different culture, food; you would need some time to adapt, not just do the sightseeing.  

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me for the travel consultation. I will answer all your questions by email or we will arrange a Skype/Whatsapp call. I will also be available during your trip. 

hire private driver

Are you coming to Morocco and want to hire a private driver? Contact me and I will arrange it! 

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  • positive review  Viskas buvo puikiai suorganizuota! Ačiū!

    Rima Januskeviciute-Steikuniene Avatar Rima Januskeviciute-Steikuniene
    October 10, 2018
  • positive review  Strongly recomend to contact Rasa befire planing/bookjng your trip. Profecional advices , kind support, reliable bookings, just use Rasa's service👍

    Ramune Danileviciute Avatar Ramune Danileviciute
    December 30, 2018
  • 5 star review  Ačiū Rasai už pagalbą planuojant kelionę į Maroką! Už naudingus patarimus rastus blog'e, kantriai ir greitai asmeniškai atsakytus visus rūpimus klausimus bei kelionės į dykumą organizavimą. Pastaroji buvo puikiai suorganizuota ir paliko nepamirštamus prisiminimus. Ačiū! Didžiausios sėkmės! Giedrė ir Tomas

    Giedre Blazyte Avatar Giedre Blazyte
    November 18, 2017
  • 5 star review  Ačiū už operatyviai suorganizuotas ekskursijas bei kokybę! Be baimės rekomenduosiu ir kitiems! Labai šaunūs, jauni ir linksmi gidai!!! Patys geriausi atsiliepimai 🙂

    Dovile Ivanauskaite Avatar Dovile Ivanauskaite
    January 24, 2018
  • 5 star review  Ačiū Rasai, kad padėjo pažinti Maroką ir pamatyti gražiausias vietas! Visi duoti patarimai labai padėjo susiplanuoti tobulas atostogas. Kelionės į krioklius ir dykumą buvo puikios!

    Urtė Vildžiūnienė Avatar Urtė Vildžiūnienė
    November 3, 2017
  • 5 star review  Keliavome i Marakesha su Rasos pasiulyta agentura. Viskas tiko ir patiko! 🙂

    Indrė Rimkutė Avatar Indrė Rimkutė
    November 26, 2017
  • positive review  We highly recommend this page! She is very friendly and will help you with every silly (or not) question. She will help you to plan your holidays and you will feel like you planned it by yourself while just getting advises from her. She will listen to your wishes and will offer the best solution. All trips were great, we were going on our holidays with our homework done (when everything is planned and ordered before) and the time just flowed there without any headache. Drivers were great, really friendly, informative and flexible in every situation, guides were really competent from local places, so you will see the real Moroccan life, not touristic places. I really recommend it and I really appreciate your help!

    Laurynas Balevičius Avatar Laurynas Balevičius
    January 30, 2019
  • 5 star review  Labai esame dėkingi už pagalbą kelionės metu,už patarimus bei tarpininkavimą.

    Ramunė Artūras Mot Avatar Ramunė Artūras Mot
    June 13, 2018
  • 5 star review  Įdomios kelionės, greitas ir paprastas užsakymas, linksmi ir informatyvūs gidai! 🙂

    Jovita Aukštakalnytė Krasauskė Avatar Jovita Aukštakalnytė Krasauskė
    August 3, 2018
  • 5 star review  Nesukit galvos su TripAdvisoriais, ieškodami kažko įmantraus, pigesnių "ale geresnių" kelionių, patarimų kažkur kitur ir panašiai. Veltui gaišite savo brangų laiką. Taip, be abejo visada įmanoma rasti kažką geriau, pigiau, bet klausimas kiek tam paakosite savo laiko ir ar pavyks gauti tai ką tikitės. Marokas nėra vakarų šalis, kur gausite tai ką susitarę ar neteks mokėti papildomai už bet ką ir pan. Pavyzdukas: per Blondę ėmėme pervežimą iš Agadiro orouosto į viešbutį, mokėjome 20e, kas yra kainos viduriukas. Pasižmonėjus bendros kaina svyruoja dviems žmonėms 15-30e, todėl su kaina viskas liuks. Viešbutis tą patį siūlo už 25. Šiaip ar taip buvome gavę kontaktus kas parveš kada reikia į skrydį už 15 eurų, jėėėė, ale pigiau nei 20. Ir ką jūs galvojat? Jie tiesiog neatvažiavo ir sutartu laiku dingo, iki skrydžio laiko nedaug, teko lakstyt per taksi, vienas nesupratęs kur vežė tiesiog prasuko ratą nes nesusikalbėjo, kitas už tą patį 20 turėjo nuvežt, bet neturėjo grąžos 😀 suma sumarum, nevarkit ir nesigadinkit tiek prieškelioninio, tiek kelioninio laiko 😉 Tikrai žmogus yra nudirbęs darbą, susiderinus su patikimais partneriais. Perskaitykit patarimus, išsirinkit ko norit ir pirmyn 😉

    Laurynas Vi Avatar Laurynas Vi
    April 16, 2018


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