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7 cheap street food meals to eat in Morocco

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The Internet is full of lists what to eat in Morocco. These lists don’t always include street food eaten by locals and that can look a bit awkward for foreigners. Forget the famous tagine, couscous and tangia, there is so much more to discover in Morocco. Here is my preferred cheap Moroccan street food meals list, combining some…

How Blondie made her way to the Sahara desert! (With shared group tour)

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“I ain’t the kind of person who likes group tours,” announced an old friend coming to visit me in Marrakesh. However, he really wanted to see the desert, we had zero time to search for a car rental or to plan the trip by ourself. Nor he wanted to spend 3 days driving through the…

Ultimate guide to cycling in Marrakech

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I had lived in Amsterdam before I moved to Marrakech. No wonder why, on my second day in the city, I  bought a bike. It worried me, though, how I will manage to cycle in the hectic streets of Marrakech. This city has so many more forms of transportation: mopeds,…

A day trip from Marrakech for only 1 euro!

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Lalla Takerkoust, lake, palm trees, beach, morocco

Marrakech is surrounded by many beautiful spots to visit in a one day trip.  Lalla Takerkoust is one of my favourites when I want to escape from the heat in Marrakech and enjoy refreshing nature. Situated around 40 km from Marrakech, Lalla Takerkoust town is reachable by taxi or a bus. The shared grande taxi…

Why Essaouira is a must place to visit in Morocco

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Positioned on the Atlantic coast, Essaouira was always my favourite place in Morocco. It is a must destination to visit for any traveller, otherwise, you will miss the completed picture of the real Morocco. In Arabic, Essaouira means “Little picture”. And, literally, Essaouira is a little picture –  a small, breezy town with a wide…

How much French do you need to survive in Morocco?

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Can you survive living in Morocco with only English? I’ve been asked this question many times and my answer is positive. However, if you really want to immerse yourself in the Moroccan life, you should learn the Moroccan Arabic (known as Darija). Or, like me, try to master French. After my first visit to Morocco,…

How to rent a long term home in Marrakech

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Relocating to Marrakech can be an exciting adventure, especially finding a property to rent.  Marrakech can be very expensive and in the same time incredibly cheap place to live; all depends on how well you know the local rental market and your connections. Many things in Morocco work differently than in Europe, so don’t get…

Is Agadir worth a visit?

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Agadir is not a typical city of traditional Morocco. Completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake, it became a modern place with an airport and 360 sunny days a year. No wonder why,  Agadir has built its reputation as a  destination  primary for a package tour holidaymakers. Agadir can suit less to independent travellers, who are…

The best place for shopping in Marrakech (fixed prices)

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Haggling in the street markets in Marrakech is a big part of the fun of Morocco. However, after visiting these hectic Souks a dozen of times, I prefer the relaxing alternative – Ensemble Artisanal,  a Moroccan crafts complex  sponsored by the local government. l’Ensemble Artisanal  is located close to the main Jemaa el Fnaa square.…

Marrakech – Sahara desert. Amazing 3 days tour!

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morocco Sahara desert tour

 The Sahara is the largest hot air desert the world and it is a must place to visit while in Morocco. You will never forget the experience of spending a night in the Sahara desert. I highly recommend visiting Sahara with a shared 3 days/2 night tour from Marrakech. Sahara desert is far and the…

Do you need a visa for Morocco?

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I receive many questions regarding if you need a visa to enter Morocco. Here are some answers:   Citizens of around 70 countries, including all European Union countries, can enter Morocco visa-free for up to 90 days. Here is the list of the visa-free countries. If your country is not listed as a visa-free one,…

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