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In Marrakech, the modern art scene is growing fast and there are plenty of places to observe for art lovers. I was particularly curious to have a glimpse at the new private Museum of Art and Culture MACMA. It is a modern art  space that exhibits a variety of selected art from Orientalist painters to vintage cinema posters.

MACMA  was opened in the beginning of 2016, at the initiative of a gallery owner and art collector, Nabil El Mallouki. Located in a bit hidden corner of Gueliz, modern district in Marrakech, MACMA is easy to find as the directions are everywhere.

In the lobby of MACMA, I found a collection of vintage movie posters that is a glimpse of a future exhibition project. As a movie lover, I found it very exciting that next to the traditional, oriental and modern paintings museum is open to other kinds of arts, such as posters. No wonder why MACMA describes itself as a living museum.

macma, museum, furnitures, moroccan art

The architect Amine Tounsi did a great job reshaping and maximizing the space of MACMA.  I particularly liked the tall ancient Moroccan doors that emphasized the unity of ancient and modern cultures.

door, moroccan door, ancient fez, space, museum

museum, space, walls, moroccan art

museum, space, moroccan art, walls

The first space of MACMA is dedicated to a temporary exhibition “Women under the brush of Moroccan painters”. Surprisingly, there was a lot of reflections of nudity, not very common subject  in Moroccan art.


Mohamed Ben Allal, The Hamam, 1970


Mohamed Drissi

My personal discovery and favourite were the paintings of Moroccan artist Abdelaziz Charkaoui (born 1963). You can find more works of this artist on ArtNet.


MACMA is well managed, has easy to navigate website and is active in social media. Christophe Sokal, the director of the museum, came down and explained me about MACMA collections. He was such an enthusiastic art lover and this passionate spirit can be felt in all museum.

MACMA permanent collection includes numerous European painters such as Delacroix, Van Dongen or Jacques Majorelle. I believe everyone knows the Majorelle garden in Marrakech, created by  the same Jacques Majorelle.  My favorite work by J.Majorelle is “The Saadian’s tombs”, dated 1918.


MACMA permanent exhibition “Expressions of Orientalism” takes a big part of the museum space. From the end of the 19th century to the 1960s, many Western, French, Spanish and English painters were attracted by the “mysteries of the Orient” Morocco.  More than 80 original works by artists such as Delacroix, Van Dongen, Majorelle, Pontoy, Legrand, Bertuchi, Herrera interpreted Orientalism theme in Morocco.

Small drawings of Eugene Delacroix

Together with paintings, the oriental exposition includes the examples of Moroccan craftsmen works.

Painting by Erich Wolfseld

Portrait of Berber girl made by Henri Pontoy.

Portrait of Berber girl made by Henri Pontoy.

The exposition of “Berber girls”  was enriched with the authentic Berber jewellery.

To sum up, MACMA is a real gem for art lovers. The diversity of museum’s collection mixed with the passionate team, welcomes everyone to discover Morocco and Moroccan culture in the deepest levels.

61, Rue Yougoslavie | Passage Ghandouri, Gueliz, Marrakech

Opening from Monday to Saturday
9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Entrance : 80 Dh
Teachers, students, Seniors (+60) : 40 Dh
Children –12yo : free


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