8 ways to make your birthday in Marrakech unique!

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Marrakech became a popular destination for birthdays and other events such a hen parties or weddings. Even Madonna has chosen Marrakech to celebrate her 60th birthday.

Here are 8 brilliant activities for birthday parties in Marrakech. Feel free to contact me if you need help in arranging these activities for your special day.

1. Sunset Dinner&camel ride at the stone desert

Only thirty kilometers South of Marrakech you will find a hidden gem – a stone desert. Don’t confuse it with the sandy Sahara desert that is almost 8 hours drive from Marrakech. Next to Marrakech lays a giant baren rocky plateau that will give you and your birthday guests a secluded desert experience.  My favorite stone desert camp can offer everything you can imagine for your special event. Starting a peaceful time at the open-air swimming pool with a Berber lunch, camel rides, yoga, meditation, cooking classes. My favorite activity is the sunset camel ride through the monumental desert followed by the dinner at the camp. There, we can provide you the live traditional Moroccan music band or oriental belly dance show. Oh, I forgot that this place is amazing for photoshoots! After dinner, you can spend a night in the luxury tents or go back to Marrakech.

2. Discover Marrakech on Side Car

Discover the secrets of Marrakech in a unique way, on the vintage sidecar. The experienced sidecar drivers will drive you through the unbeaten paths of Marrakech and its surroundings. You can choose from a short in town or longer out of town sidecar tour experience. Don’t worry if you come with a bigger group, these guys have a collection of sidecars for everyone. You can pimp your ride with an additional champagne bottle or many extra services.

3. Sunrise in the Hot air balloon

The flight with a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience in Marrakech.  What can be more epic than meeting the sunrise and discovering the fabulous landscapes of Morocco (desert, villages and Berber oases, mountains and gorges)? After the early flight, you will enjoy the traditional Moroccan breakfast prepared by the women from local villages. Or, if you want to go more luxury, your breakfast can be served in the sky!

4. Birthday in Berber village

Lithuanian dance studio “Sokiu Akademija” at their team-building trip to the Berber village where they also had a local dance workshop.

If you would like to have an authentic birthday experience, celebrate it in an authentic mountain village with locals! There, you will spend time hiking in the beautiful landscape and later, you can either do a cooking class, dance workshop or any other activity. Or, a dinner with local musicians and dances, dressed in traditional Moroccan clothes.

5. Cooking class

Moroccan cuisine is a mix of Berber, Arabic, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines. Discover the secrets of Moroccan food by preparing it yourself. At least for me, cooking together parties are so much fun as all friends collaborate to prepare delicious dishes. You can choose to have a cooking class inside Marrakech or outside the city on an organic farm. Alternatively, you can book a food tour during which the licensed guide will introduce you with a wide selection of the traditional Moroccan street food.

6. Henna party

If you are celebrating your birthday with girlfriends, why not to organize a henna art party? Decorative henna art on the skin has a long-rooted tradition in Morocco. On the skin, the henna drawing stays for a week or even more. You can have a henna art party at a local cafe or simply have the henna artists in your birthday place (hotel, vila, etc).

7. Make your own perfume

Love perfumes and oils? The olfactory experience invites you to create, from the ingredients, your own bespoke perfume, with the help of a palette of fragrances and the advice of an activity leader, who will introduce you to the art of perfumery.

8. Photoshoot at the cactus park

Photoshoot parties is a great way to spend your birthday with friends. Marrakech has so many exotic locations to offer for the best pictures. However, my favorite location is the photogenic cactus park, located not far from Marrakech. The 17-acre cactus nursery with its 150 cacti varieties will be such an incredible background for your pictures.  Some of the cactus is so tall, that you feel like Alice in The Wonderland. You don’t need to worry about the photographer, I can suggest you the best ones in Marrakech.



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    Julia Wald

    October 15, 2019

    Hi Rasa!

    My boyfriend and I are going to Marrakech in December and we’ll be there on his birthday! I love your post and thought #1 Sunset Dinner&camel ride at the stone desert would be perfect for his birthday. Could you please tell me the company you booked with? Thank you!


    Julia Wald

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    November 6, 2019

    Hi Rasa,

    Thanks for the post…so glad I found it! I’m celebrating my birthday in Marrakech with my boyfriend on Nov. 14th and I’m interested in a Sunset Dinner in the desert…there are just so many companies to choose from. Can you provide information on the one you featured? We’re there Nov. 12th-15th.

    Renu Beniwal


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