my name is rasa

… and I call myself Blondie in Morocco. Originally from Lithuania, I moved to Marrakech 5 years ago and fall in love in this hectic city. What do I do here? I am a travel consultant-concierge, blogger, and a slow traveller. As Morocco insider, I want to introduce you to authentic Morocco. 

Let me be your Moroccan adventure curator! I live here for almost 5 years and know the secret corners of this exotic country.  

With experience in backpacking, solo travel, couples travel, luxury travel and travelling in a group and with family,  in Morocco, I have travelled in just about every way imaginable.

i chose morocco my home

After moving to Morocco, as a European, I had to adapt to a new way of living and doing everyday things. It was not, and it is still not very easy.  I chose to adapt, and Morocco soon became my home. The only reason I moved to Morocco was my love for this country. I want to share this love with you all. 

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Local alcohol and food tasting tour in Marrakech

Travelling is not only about sightseeing. You have to discover new places with all your senses, including hearing, touch, taste, and smell. You might forget museums visited 10 years ago but probably will always remember your first sushi experience. Or, accidentally met friendly locals that showed you the secret spots of a new country. A few weeks ago, I got an invitation from Marrakech gu[...]

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After living in Morocco for a few years, I gradually adapted some of their cultural habits. I only noticed these changes recently, during my last visit to Lithuania where I had some issues adjusting to my own culture.  

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