Oh Hey, I’m blondie in morocco

Salam, my name is Rasa and I call myself Blondie in Morocco. Originally from Lithuania, I am journalist, freelance blogger, cinema maniac, communication manager, ideas generator and slow traveller. For 5 years I live in Marrakesh, a city that somehow maintains my love for it, even when the temperature hits 50°C.

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Marrakech

New Year’s Eve of 2020 is coming soon! Every year, I receive many questions about where to celebrate New Years's Eve. To save your time googling, I made a shortlist of the best places to celebrate New year eve.  New Year's Eve party in Marrakech can be expensive; for this reason, I listed places for each budget.  Keep in mind that reservation is required for all New Years Eve events.[...]