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i'm blondie in morocco

Salam, my name is Rasa and I call myself Blondie in Morocco. Originally from Lithuania, I am journalist, freelance blogger, cinema maniac, communication manager, ideas generator and slow traveller. For 5 years I live in Marrakesh, a city that somehow maintains my love for it, even when the temperature hits 50°C.

i chose morocco my home

After moving to Morocco, as a European, I had to adapt to a new way of living and doing everyday things. It was not, and it is still not very easy.  I chose to adapt, and Morocco soon became my home. The only reason I moved to Morocco was my love for this country. I want to share this love with you all. 

Guide to Imlil in Morocco: not only for Toubkal climbers

Imlil Morocco mountains High Atlas snow hiking

Tucked away in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, Imlil village is a perfect destination for a one day trip from Marrakech.  Because of its calmness and the authentic local life experience, Imlil will be a great escape from the city chaos.  Imlil is the main base for attempting to summit Toubkal, the highest peak of North Africa (4160 m). Almost 90 % of tourists, visiting Imlil,[...]

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After living in Morocco for a few years, I gradually adapted some of their cultural habits. I only noticed these changes recently, during my last visit to Lithuania where I had some issues adjusting to my own culture.  

morocco, palm trees, garden, swimmingpool, praying

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